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It's goal is to develop more small businesses along the path to the Falls.The major thing that's straining Sioux Falls' downtown development is its industrialized north half and the lack of stores that stay open later.Being smaller SF downtown has a long way to go, but stores open later, and more nightlife along with more residental would be a start.Looks like only 45 apartment units proposed, but it's also got a boutique hotel, class A office space and 600 parking stalls.

The total project cost is million, and is called "Village on the River".Does anyone else know of a situation where something similar has happened in their city? The women out number the men 2 to 1, got parks and zoos and things to do with my son.The nightlife aint all that, but thats okay, I don't need to be distracted by the devil everyday.Probally one of the nicest places to drive through..scenic and open.Of course we visited Mount Rushmore..Deadwood was my favorite part of the state . We also came during Sturgis was goin on.we saw hundreds of bikers on our way.

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