Dating for widows and widowers

Put your best foot forward and be excited about the changes you’re making.

This could be a defining moment, which could bring about positive improvements to your life and how you feel about yourself.

Talk to friends and family about these feelings and they may be able to allay any negative thoughts you’re having about dating.

If you cast your mind back to when you were single, and how you felt about yourself and your identity, it might help you to feel more confident about yourself now.

This being the case let them know you’ll consider this option when the time is right, but currently, you’re comfortable being single.

In this scenario, you will both be experiencing a similar set of emotions as you get to know one another, which will help ground the relationship in a deeper sense of each other’s feelings.

If you’ve been missing the physical side of romance then you will need to understand this is probably the reason you’ve been thinking about finding a partner.

As a widow you could be perceived to be vulnerable and until you properly start to get to know someone it’s best to keep the conversation lightweight and generalized.

Keep things positive and upbeat and try to come over as self-assured as possible.

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