Dating for customers

” it’s very easy for the person to default and say “no.” But when you ask, “What could be better in the company?” that question assumes that there are things that could be better.The real challenge lies in getting your audience to respond to your survey.When sending users a survey email always remember to use a well thought out subject line.What happens when the feedback you received from a customer ends up being incorporated in a product update or a policy change?If the answer is “nothing,” then you’re leaving brownie points on the table.

If the goal is to improve an outstanding issue some customers have been facing, ask how often the problem occurs — frequently? When reaching out through email one of the best ways to prompt a response is by ending the email with a simple “What do you think? It’s not only the polite thing to do at the end of what’s essentially a monologue, but it’s a simple and assertive way to request a dialogue.

“If you don’t use the information you’re asking for, you’re wasting your customer’s time. You’ll have a whole batch of responses to look through and none of them will make a difference.

Instead, save time and get better responses, by including only the essential questions.” – Kissmetrics’ Lars Lorgren. “For example, when you ask, “Do you have any frustrations?

Conducting polls across social channels allows your business to informally engage users through fun, and easy questions for which results are displayed immediately after one has cast their vote.

It’s a fantastic way to engage customers and prospects to get feedback and gain insight into what aspects of a product or service users appreciate and where things may be improved.

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