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Also, they may have to handle very difficult customers and should be able to handle them reasonably with great patience.

Many computer engineers have to work more than 40-hour work per week, i.e. Also, there may be some project that demands overtime and weekend work.

Since most engineers work under others, it is a disadvantage that there are not paid for the extra work.

You must be smart, hard-working, and highly updated when you are a computer engineer.

You need to know all the updates related to all the basic hardware and software of the new devices and technologies in the market.

Also, you must attend the formal training that may be provided by most companies toward new technology and skills.

And they are especially good at getting things done at the last moment.

As you design and develop structures, you can often incorporate your concerns for its environmental impact.The minimum wage of a computer engineer is about ,970 annually.For a computer engineer, it is not necessary to have a degree from renowned universities. It is estimated that there will be a high demand for a computer engineer in the foreseeable future.The finance industry can be tough to compete in, but if successful, you stand to garner higher wages, plenty of opportunities to advance professionally, and the chance to work internationally.However, this career path isn’t all benefits—there are some less than savory aspects of the industry to consider.

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