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However, the liberalization of dating culture in North Korea was probably driven by the crises of the 1990’s.From the people’s perspective, the imperatives of day-to-day life trumped any social hang-ups regarding dating or sex.

On the other hand, this is still North Korea we are talking about, so we would expect some things to be different.

In between their goose-stepping drills these women were doing something that amazed me – they were gossiping.

These were not the Nazi robots that the international media normally portrays the North Korean military as being, but real people. After all, they were schoolgirls (or I guess technically army-girls)!

Girls learn about sanitation and raising children but are left ignorant about sex.

One refugee asserted that, “There are no contraceptives and they have not even heard of a condom.” Pregnancy is grounds for expulsion from school. However, since the 1990’s abortion has become illegal.

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