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As we said two days ago, on Wednesday, for the first time in history, the two sides in Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot leaders, presented their preferred maps of the internal administrative border to each other.

It was a good exchange, it was an open and frank exchange, and it was an exchange that confirmed to us all two things: first that there are difficult issues to overcome, but secondly that there is a will to overcome them from all the participants and all the people present at that lunch.The first necessity is that people actually believe in a solution. The second layer of security is, as in any country, internal security, meaning everything from a legal system, a judiciary that works and is effective and is fair and implements the rule of law, and for those who do not necessarily take the point, police, who will then be helpful in implementing the rule of law, which is of course important also in the prospect of a reintegration of the communities that have been living largely apart from each other, which means people will be living around the island, and that will be local minorities, local majorities, depending on where you are, and that also needs some kind of oversight, in particular in the introductory phase, this is something we know from other examples.Only after these two layers will we have the issue of whether people believe that the deal will be implemented.Geneva, 13 January 2017 – Espen Barth Eide, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Cyprus: Good afternoon, good to see you all again.The last days have been a watershed moment for the Cyprus negotiations.

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