Dating blog comments powered by disqus

In the mean time, why not help me test out my new commenting system?

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Once you do that for the first time, it’s a permanent setting for the site every time you come to visit. Microsoft, in all it’s “knowledge” base articles blames us, the coders. Still however, Blogger is crap and I can’t help but blame them for issues I’ve had, not the code I’ve added.

I literally created it (the site) and the idea on an overnight whim and now look at it. Good riddance, so long, it wasn’t nice knowing you. For those of you that aren’t aware of what that is, it’s a commenting system that integrates all major Social Platforms into one commenting system.

I have the Google/Blogger community to thank for what I’ve accomplished so far. From now on, visitors that aren’t part of the awesomeness of Google will now be able partake in the disqus-sions.

If you don’t want anyone to comment on any of your pages including post pages then here you go.

posts and comments and you will have overall comment settings for Blogger.

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