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The Amish don't drive, unless you're talking horse and buggy, and I don't think those go fast enough to create any roadkill. Bro (which Michael Cole has been frequently bringing up on commentary), Chavo Guerrero as Lt. All puns were intended, and the group didn't even last a year.Though his name and gimmick were quite absurd, Depoli is a former ECW World Tag Team Champion. They will also go down in the history books as the tag team (Lt. Cajun) with the shortest reign as WCW World Tag Team Champions.Regardless of how important a superstar's name may be, there have been plenty of names in pro wrestling history that are just over-the-top absurd.Whether we realize it right away or need to take a while to notice it, they all eventually stick out like sore thumbs. This list takes a look at 20 of the silliest, most hilariously absurd names in professional wrestling history.

Luckily, he was known for most of his career as Carlito, even though he debuted as Carlito Caribbean Cool. Michael Mc Gillicutty seemingly has everything it takes to be a future WWE Champion. How can you make a name more gross than by putting the word "booger" in it?

I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed, the Amish or the organizations who allowed Michael Depoli to use this name.

Depoli usually dressed in traditional Amish attire, and even sported the sweet beard to complete the outfit, which makes me wonder where the "Roadkill" part of his name comes in.

Think about it, what if Stone Cold had used the same naming method as Joe? He was the partner of Finlay, thought to be the illegitimate son of Mr.

Mc Mahon, and an honorary member and mascot of D Generation-X.

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