Dating a non christian girl

Paul realises it isn’t black and white all the time and God still wants to be involved in their relationship no matter what.

However, Paul thinks the ideal for marriage is rooted in the couple’s relationship with God.

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It reflects God’s relationship and love for His church.But the answer isn’t yes, no, maybe or sometimes, the answer is, it’s the wrong question.The real question should be ‘What kind of relationships do I want to build?Moreover, Paul’s vision for husbands laying down their lives and wives submitting, can only be achieved if the spouses believe in Christ and his achievements.David is right to say that Paul is pastoral when believers and non-believers are married.

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    Phil says, " A real soul mate would not set you on the sidelines." The married man might tell you he loves you, or even say his wife never made him feel the way you did. He does not have to commit, because he can use the excuse that he is married and he can't leave his wife or the kids need him. You might miss out on opportunities to meet the love of your life and get married. How can you trust him when it comes to your relationship?

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    The article is in straightforward language and the non-technical reader could profitably work through it.