Dating a cancer leo cusp woman

Being a water sign, Cancer is considered to be quite sensitive and docile, where, as a matter of fact, the little crab can survive and manipulate even the king of the jungle with its unnoticeable movements.Likewise, Leo is considered as a powerful and dominant sign, which it very much is; however, not many pay attention to the fact that this lion can move from roaring to purring, if treated in the right manner. The possibility of sketching a person’s character just by the sun sign.In Vedic astrology, there is a thing called Birth Star, it’s a one more attribute/detail that helps differentiate a person.On the other hand, Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun and possesses fixed traits.The sun is associated with masculine energy and is symbolic of daytime, while the moon is associated with the feminine energy and represents nighttime.In Vedic astrology, each sign is owned by a planet and has the attributes of that planet.Yes, every sign has atleast one attribute for itself, to be unique.

Meditation would be a great ally in their constant struggle for balance. This Moon - Sun combo might appear shy when you first meet them, but by the end of the night, they could very well be hogging the mic at the karaoke joint.

Cancer and Leo are the signs that are poles apart from each other!

Yes, they do come together in number four and five of the zodiac chart, but are ruled by elements, planets, and traits that are not similar, in any way.

Fire and water, sun and moon, sensitivity and fierceness, male and female, sounds quite oscillating, doesn't it?

Now, imagine the plight of the one born with these polar traits within!

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