Current trends online dating

Of this top five, Grindr had the highest percentage of active users.

• Across all countries studied, people were more active on dating apps on Mondays than any other day, followed by Sunday.

Studies show that they tend to get more replies to the messages they send out.

Single men who come across as ‘nice’ on their profiles tend to command more attention and get more messages.

You just might find love through any of these ways.

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These are the days of sliding into DMs and striking up an interesting conversation, or dropping a creative comment on a thread and taking it up from there. Give it a try: the possibilities of landing a date are higher than the impossibilities of finding one.

Key findings include: • 85% of the UK’s dating app user base is male.

A lot of things have changed over the years in the dating world.

If you want to be in tune with the way things work these days, just go through the points listed above.

This trend was even noticeable amongst more “female-friendly” apps like Bumble, (where female users have to send the first message), whose user base is over 80% male.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the average age of dating app users was skewed towards the younger end of the spectrum.

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