Consolidating data centers

To stay ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape, your business must be increasingly agile and cost efficient.But if you’re still running your own corporate data center, you could be impeding your growth potential — especially as software vendors shift to license-based, cloud-only subscription models.Goals for data center consolidation may focus around finite data storage resources, legacy systems that could be built better, and other aspects of a system that offer room for improvement.There are many ways that companies can consolidate their data centers and make their IT systems more efficient.

“What we stressed [during the March 22 hearing before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities] was the need to modernize Do D networks, and the focal point of that is the Joint Regional Security Stacks, or JRSS. That will not change as long as I am here, and I think beyond that,” Halvorsen told the reporters.Mobile Data Access The CIO’s office is continuing to push mobile data access, Halvorsen said.“At the end of this month we will have released the wireless guide on how to use wireless that will … Very rapidly to follow will be our guest network inside the Pentagon, and how to [use] that,” he added.Concord managed the multi-million dollar project and successfully migrated four sites within the same business unit, starting with the largest physical data center comprised of over 1,300 servers.The Concord team emphasized the importance of communication and documentation, keeping all stakeholders updated on the migration process and creating lasting records on each server migrated to the cloud. Consolidation of data centers significantly decreases the cost of facilities and burden on IT and operations personnel.

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