Consolidating clinical services

Many hospitals are meeting both challenges with centralized monitoring centers that provide 24/7 patient surveillance and tracking of vital signs.

Historically used for high-acuity patients, centralized monitoring is now used in lower acuity areas as well, enabling onsite and offsite patient monitoring across a large medical system or multiple facilities via telemetry, sensors and high-definition cameras.

As points out, the 40 million Americans over age 65 today will double to 80 million, or one-fifth of the country’s total population.

On top of those pressures, health systems are getting larger and covering more geographical area due to mergers and acquisitions.

Marken, which has styled itself as “the only patient-centric supply chain organization 100% dedicated” to life sciences, with “the leading position for direct to patient services,” now has the potential to expand on commercial activity.

The MAB-Mackay Centre has decided to relocate the two schools located in their facilities: the Mackay Centre School and the Philip E. The MAB-Mackay Rehab Centre has said its strategic plan calls for consolidating its clinical services at one site.

We’ve designed our analytical systems to optimize your resources and minimize the number of sample tubes processed, while providing high-quality results and valued clinical information to the physician and patient.

Get more done in less time within your laboratory’s existing floor plan by integrating clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing into a single platform to ramp up efficiency and by consolidating workstations to enhance your laboratory’s performance.

When combined into a coordinated system to meet your unique requirements, Roche Diagnostics Serum Work Area (SWA) integrated systems improve service delivery and quality while streamlining workflow, reducing stress on laboratory personnel and management and contributing to patient care excellence.

The cobas® 8000 analyzer series merges the latest Serum Work Area technology with new process innovations to meet the increasing challenges of very high workload laboratories.

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