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Any evidence of pushing the boundaries on this could easily get you both sacked.

Unless you are both brilliant actors, it will be easy for your colleagues to spot the signs.

There are few things more irritating in the workplace than an newly smitten couple who spend their day mooning across the desks while giggling at in-jokey Whats Apps.

While at work, keep it entirely professional, respect your colleagues and save your expressions of devotion for later.

Pretending absolute professionalism is a blatant giveaway and will be tricky to maintain.

Confiding the details of your intimacy to other colleagues is potentially a huge breach of trust with your partner and could leave them (and you) vulnerable to malicious gossip.

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But they will always know what you’re going through and understand your stresses.New love is distracting enough without the object of your affection being right in front of your eyes all day long.It should not have required the prolonged furore of #metoo to educate us on the basics of respectful boundaries in the workplace, but now there’s even less of an excuse.Or could this be the long-term relationship you’ve longed for?Before you proceed, keep these points in mind: Aside from the obvious complications if they are your boss or vice versa, office relationships make managers uneasy because they almost certainly reduce productivity.

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