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The following is a list of episodes for the British ITV period police drama Heartbeat.

The programme first aired on Friday 10 April 1992 and 18 series have so far been aired. 372 episodes of Heartbeat have aired, which includes 9 Christmas episodes.

Debbie's parents and the rest of Aidensfield continues to put pressure on Dr Summerbee, but Debbie's parents soon change their mind about Carl, and so do the Police. Vernon's latest business venture is slot machines, but his business sense even attracts laughter from an inanimate machine!

But his real problems start when a mysterious technician does "maintenance" on the slot machines. White, Stephen Hoyle as Carl Lomax, Billy Moores as Mr Hawkins, Colin Waite as Charley Woods, Tony Turner as Mr White, Vicki Lee Taylor as Deborah White, Peter Gunn as Eddie Ford, John Lloyd Fillingham as Andy Sykes, Sharon Muircroft as Mrs Lomax, Andrew Abrahams as Magistrate (as Andy Abrahams) Vernon's past catches up with him by the arrival of Igor Saukas, who he once made a deal with concerning umbrellas that turned out to be faulty, and Vernon thinks he's out for revenge.

He gets a Possession Order, but the squatters use a legal loophole to evade eviction.However, he is shocked when Igor offers him another deal, this time to sell Lithuanian Peat (as a replacement for coal).MI5 agent Clive Denby is in Aidensfield investigating Igor Saukas.Guest Stars: Oliver Williams as Steve, Emily Aston as Amy, Chelsey Seeley as Baby Watkins, Chantelle Seeley as Baby Watkins, Malcolm Tierney as Lawson, Amber Edlin as Laura, Andrew Westfield as Bob Hardcastle, Colin Meredith as Bailiff, James Mair as Farrell, Jim Whelan as Auctioneer Two criminals take a manageress of a building society and her young son hostage whilst they plan a robbery, but she gets a coded message out to Ventress who is an old customer of the building society.Ventress relates his suspicions, so Craddock sends Tom to watch the house.

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