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Alfred Bern-hard Nobel was not famous for being a writer. The Nobel Prizes became an extension a fulfillment of his life-time interests. Under the term "literature", not only "the belle-lettres" but also "other writings which, by virtue of their from style, possess literary value" are comprised such as historical writings philosophical writings.

He liked read many great works by Shelly, Byron, Shakespeare, Ibsen, Maupassant, Gogol, Tolstoy, Tugenev. Therefore, Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen (German historian, 1902 awarding), Rudolf Christoph Eucken (German philosopher, 1908 awarding), Henri Bergson (French philosopher, 1927 awarding), Earl Russell (Great Britain philosopher, 1950 awarding), Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (Great Britain, former Premier, 1953 awarding) became the Nobel Prize laureates for their great works on history philosophy.

His You Say I Am a Riddle is a long poetry in autographic style In Brightest Africa The Sisters are his two unpublished novels. And that is the reason why he set up Nobel Literature Prize among the 5 prizes.

Usually, the awarding is based on the achievement throughout the whole writing life of a cidate; occasionally, the basis was the achievement of just one piece of writing.

Until October 2014, there have been 111 Nobel Literature Prize laureates (20 being in good health) residing in 37 ries.

mer who had only 163 poems published up till now, was highly praised by the whole world considered one of the best contemporary poets.There have been occasional mistakes in the nomination, screening finalization of the cidates for the prize awarding due to the academicians limitation in historical background, in perception orientation in knowledge accumulation, resulting in strong resentments.There once were some experts who listed the writers who should have been awarded the Nobel Literature Prize such as Tolstoy (Russia), Gorky (Russia), Hardy (Great Britain), Lawrence (Great Britain), Joyce (Irel), Proust (France), Kafka (Austria), Pound (USA), Ibsen (Norway), Strindberg (Sweden), listed some writers who should not have been awarded the Nobel Literature Prize..The eldest while being awarded the prize was Doris Lessing (Great Britain) in 2007 who was then already 87.There are 13 female laureates in the Nobel Literature Prize.

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