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“A lot of them are about young girls kind of hitting this place of self-harm, and pretty deep, deep wounds and issues…Incredible stories of, like, ‘This is the first time I’ve gone five days without hurting myself,’” she said.“It’s because people are feeling like they’re heard, people are feeling like they’re understood and they’re cared about.“Not only did Alex come out, and there’s a lot of emotion in that, but there are so many ups and downs in a relationship, right?“And in this episode, a very sweet, loving connection has been developed.” Calling back to episode eight, which aired in November, Leigh said the couple’s first kiss was a “moment of, like, life is too short, and you just really don’t know.“I just really have to say it now,” she tells Maggie, her first girlfriend after she came out earlier this season. “(Showrunner) Andrew (Kreisberg) was like, ‘Oh, we’ll see.

There was fan fiction all over, even when I was on Grey’s Anatomy, and you’d hear all sorts of stuff and just watch people create these side stories. Paste: That’s the perfect segue to your time on Grey’s Anatomy, where you played Meredith’s sister for many years.“These are people that are as invested in us as we are in them.Of course, the gal with an “S” on her chest has been the focal point of CBS’s new hit show, Supergirl.Paste: Many fans remember you well from Not Another Teen Movie, a parody film that targeted teen comedies from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s.Is that a role that still comes up a lot to this day?

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