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But it doesn't mean the Catholic church is going to sit back and watch the numbers bleed out.And traditionally for all religious groups, bleed they do — church attendance drops dramatically as young adults reach the decision-making age, until young adults become parents and return to church.So how does the church nurture a generation of singles who may be disaffected by organized religion? Thousands of Christian singles are flocking to Christian-based matchmaking services looking for spiritually correct connections.

"Before I came to Hawai'i, I had broken off a relationship.

you can find Christian singles articles on every aspect of single life including info on sex, finances, 20-somethings, 30-somethings, 4o- somethings, single parents, teen dating tips, divorced singles, college students, Catholic singles, hispanic dating and senior singles. We really hope you enjoy all of singles resources we have put together just for you.

As a pastor and church planter, I know that sometimes churches can make single christians, whether never married or divorced, feel like second class citizens. Our goal at Oasis Singles is to be a resource hub that helps give support for Christian Singles of all backgrounds, and for all different kinds of topics.

We have partnered with ministries, pastors, counselors and singles like yourself to bring you practical stuff you can use.

A place where you can find great Christian dating advice on a number of relevant topics, here are a few of our top hit on Single Christian articles: Dating Advice: How to Break Up First date Do’s and Dont’s Dating Tip: Learning How to Argue and Fight Benefits of Seeking a Soulmate Online Body Language Flirting Christian Dating Site Pros Compatibility Love Tests-How Compatible Are You With Your Date?

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