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The Myers-Briggs temperament sorting is another excellent source of information that each person should know about themselves and each other.) 3.

At least 4 sessions should be spent with a Christian counselor who is trained in pre-marital counseling.

The couple should be able to enjoy the blessings of God as well as family and friends as they move into a marriage that has been well planned and confirmed in a healthy process.

They can be assured that they have taken the steps to assure a long and satisfying marriage.

It is more important that the process be completed than the time completed. Marital inventories and temperament sorting should be taken at this stage.

These are a wonderful means of finding out which areas you are really in “sync” and where you are apart.

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It is my prayer that Christian singles will use the above to develop their own Christian dating guide for building a strong and satisfying relationship. This often means that a healthy bonding is not taking place and the emphasis is upon self-satisfaction in this Christian dating relationship. It is very important to look for CHARACTER issues in each other during this stage of Christian dating.Give yourself enough time and enough settings where character issues can surface. Individuals can “mask” character issues for an extended period of time – especially a few months during the fantasy period of Christian dating.But character is the foundation upon which commitment is built.Character does not change just because one gets married.

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