Chris hemsworth dating natalie portman

But I'll use that in other places and other characters if it's the end here." Honestly, may be the best opportunity to give Hemsworth's Thor the swan song he deserves.With an impressive eight MCU films under his belt, there's no shame in saying farewell to a character audiences have come to love.

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In the '80s, Walt Simonson created a character named Beta Ray Bill, a horse-faced alien who was, like Thor, capable of lifting Mjolnir.How will his brother's permanent death affect the character?On one hand, it potentially opens the door for Thor to develop such a relationship with a new character.While this was a highly engaging twist on the page, one has to question how it would play out onscreen, especially given that we've already seen a hammerless Thor in the MCU after Hela reduced Mjolnir to crumbles in included yet another instance where Thor's worthiness is brought into question, there's a good chance fans might perceive that as lazy writing.We probably shouldn't count on any more "Unworthy Thor" storylines — and we're excited to see how Waititi makes Jane Foster the new God of Thunder.

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