Celebs dating celebs 2016

“He’s going to be just fine.” Eniko (née Parrish) continued, […] Nothing but love!Demi Lovato made Taylor Swift’s day by praising the “Me! After calling the song “Cruel Summer” a “jam,” the former Disney Channel star, 27, wrote on her Instagram Stories on Monday, September 1, “Life’s too short for women to not support other women..Lady Colin Campbell is a Jamaican-born British writer and TV personality.Never forget how iconic she was on I'm A Celebrity back in 2015.

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Pete Davidson and his new girlfriend, Margaret Qualley, got cozy in Venice, Italy, on Monday, September 2.The budding couple linked arms and later held hands as they walked around the streets of the Veneto capital. T-shirt and […] Dark spots and melasma have you feeling down and insecure?The Saturday Night Live comedian, 25, kept it casual in a white, vintage Notorious B. Whether these issues have only recently popped up or we’ve been dealing with them for years and years, we don’t want anyone to give up hope for clear and healthy skin.We know the natural solution is to see a doctor, but those visits can […] It’s not easy to get your start in Hollywood, even for a bombshell like Marilyn Monroe.In episode 3 of “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe,” the podcast takes us back to the star’s humble beginnings in the industry and a serious string of failures.

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