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Ince that occurred on William Randolph Hearst's yacht.

The film takes place aboard during a weekend cruise celebrating Ince's 44th birthday on November 16, 1924.

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Also armed with that knowledge is Parsons, who assures Hearst his secret will be safe in exchange for a lifetime contract with the Hearst Corporation, thus laying the groundwork for her lengthy career as one of Hollywood's most powerful gossip columnists.

After seeing Ince off, Hearst confronts Davies and Chaplin.

Parsons would like to relocate from the East Coast to more glamorous Hollywood.

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When Chaplin fails to answer, Hearst informs Chaplin of the vow of silence he and the fellow guests have made to keep the weekend's activities a secret.

Chaplin despairs as he realizes the murder has strengthened Davies' love for Hearst.

To the rest of his guests he announces Ince's ulcer flared up and required immediate medical attention.

Davies, of course, knows the truth, and confides in Chaplin.

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