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Besides the aforementioned items, the amount of cosmic radiation in the past, and in particular the amount reaching the atmosphere, may have been dramatically different.

If one were to believe the Bible, the earth was surrounded by a layer of water vapor between Creation and the Flood.

Evolutionists then claim to determine the amount of time since the death of the organism by measuring the current ratio.

The lower the amount of Carbon-14, the longer it has been since death occurred.

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Animals and humans who eat these plants take the Carbon-14 into their systems just as they would Carbon-12 Dioxide.This bombardment causes a nuclear reaction to take place.The Carbon-14 produced by this process is then converted into carbon dioxide, just as normal Carbon-12 becomes carbon dioxide.There is then a ratio of Carbon-14 to Carbon-12 in the bodies of plants, animals and humans which could be considered as “fixed” at the time of death.After death, the Carbon-14 would decay and the ratio of the two isotopes would change.

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