Bussiness for accomodating able adults

The subject of this research was 100 students of Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University.This survey research used psychological test assessment, Psychological well-being scale, and Social Intelligence scale to gain data analyzed quantitatively.When the students are in the high level of wellbeing, they will feel comfortable in small group discussion, and teamwork will be effective.Therefore, it is needed to conduct a research which investigates how psychological factors, such as traits, needs, cognitive, and social intelligence, influence students' wellbeing in performing SGD.This study aimed to perform numerical investigation to predict structural damage by assessing absorbed strain energy represented by the internal energy during a series of ship collisions.The collision target in ship-ship interactions were determined on the single and double hulls part of a passenger ship.Hosted by Bali State Polytechnic (PNB) and other established university partner including UPNV Jatim, FMIPA-UNISA, FISH-UNESA, and UTM, this conference are attended by more than four hundreds participants who present their best research results.

Investigation of impact phenomena on the marine structures: Part II - Internal energy of the steel structure applied by selected materials in the ship-ship collision incidents A R Prabowo, S J Baek, S G Lee, D M Bae and J M Sohn Phenomena of impact loads on the marine structures has attracted attention to be predicted regarding its influences to structural damage.The dependency of fossil energy in Indonesia caused the crude oil production to be drastically decreased since 2001, while energy consumption increased.In addition, The use of fossil energy can cause several environmental problems.International Joint Conference on Science and technology –IJCST 20176 in Nusa Dua Bali-Indonesia 27-28 September 2017.This conference is multidisciplinary including engineering and social science and hope can dedicate a positive contribution to science and technology development.

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