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But this season, she's wearing skinny jeans and cute boots, really accessible stuff that's very youthful, new millennium. MTV didn't even do scripted programming at the time, and what I thought I was doing with my career was very different than [].

When I did read it, I was blown away, so I did it just because I really liked it.

It's a great lesson in life, and it's really the best thing that's ever happened to me—but I feel that way about everything! Whether you're in high school now or not, everything Jenna goes through transcends a setting or a time period.

I don't even know what the next 30 minutes of my life holds.In past seasons, Jenna fell into the '70s and never came back.She has these hoodies that are remarkably vintage [laughs], and I've always wondered where she gets these bell-bottom pants she wears—those haven't been sold in stores for a long time! When I started the show, frankly, I didn't even think it would get picked up. It was being gifted with a super-high IQ (seriously, she's a Mensa member) that allowed her the chance to graduate high school at the ripe age of 15, putting her on the fast track to becoming a silver screen talent. In my everyday life, I'm so about wearing functional clothes.The universe would have its say a few years later as the 21-year-old actress found herself right back in the halls of bullies, backpacks, and more than one type of physical education for the series. I did buy my cat an aristocrat costume, and she has a very poofy's hard, because my cat has three legs, so she can't wear sweaters. It's important for people to be really comfortable with themselves and their bodies, no makeup, and natural hair texture and color.

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