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However, all this greatness comes with its own downsides (Life needs balance) We can be moody, dramatic, and we can easily get lost inside our books forgetting everything around us ( Don’t deny it — I’m talking to you fellow bookworm — we must embrace our awesomeness but also our tiny little flaws) These little flaws can make dating us a challenge (greatness takes effort), so here are a few tips from the perspective of a female Bookworm to make the experience less daunting.As I said before we can lose ourselves quite easily inside our bookish world, so don’t get mad if we forget to call, or even miss a date or two…

Hi all, So the big 30 is coming up for me, and my thoughts have been drifting more and more to settling down with a nice girl.

When you see us crying our eyes out, screaming or laughing like lunatics at the book we are currently reading… Talk with us about what you think of the book, or our comments about it.. And when shopping at the bookstore (because you were a brave one and decided to venture there with us) Don’t rush us, let us appreciate the books without a care for time… I know that this are all basic concepts that can easily be applied to almost any type of relationship but it’s the way you chose to focus on them, that might make the difference in you blooming bookish relationship..

I’m sure that if you show that much interest in our beloved books it will earn you a spot with our bookish boyfriends. Hope my little advice works wonders with you and your book obsessed significant other…

Try just getting to know people irrespective of where or how you meet. Seems like there are plenty of smart, friendly, career-minded women on there. Book Club but you probably will find older people in them.

I was so exhausted with online dating that I took a break for the first half of the year. My friend is in a book club through one of our local synagogues. Our synagogue though has a young adults division (many large places of worship do this).

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