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The project was premiered in Los Angeles in spring.In 2016, the actor’s two-year period of silence stopped: he appeared in Ross Katz’s melodrama The Choice and played a brilliant second character.For ten years, the audience was watching the adventures of Tom Welling’s character and felt bonded to him.Critics noticed the young artist and recognized his convincing acting.

Still, the success was followed by inner emptiness.

The same year, the premiere of Rupert Wainwright’s horror The Fog occurred; Welling took the role of the main character, Nick.

Maggie Grace, Selma Blair, and Rade Šerbedžija became Tom’s stage partners.

In his interviews, Tom Welling confessed that excessive attention to external luster disappointed him: the internal world was secondary in the modeling business.

Living in Los Angeles, Welling started thinking about acting: Hollywood was very close.

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