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"I'm selling you out." — Referring to Poppy, when Branch let go of his neck"So, In a way, you could say...

I'm doing this for you." — Talking to a bewildered Poppy when he tells everyone he conned them"I do anything to take back what I did when I hand you over to bergens and sacrifice myself for you instead, I've returned to tell you all that I am very sorry." — apologize to the Trolls Creek has a serene, Zen-like state of mind.

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He instantly talks to him, telling the fellow Branch to try having more positivity but Branch doesn't like it.

Chef then betrays Creek by trying to eat him, but before this can happen, both are eaten alive by a hill monster.

In Creek Week; Creek came back and said he is very sorry for betraying them Creek has purple skin, grey-blue eyes, long straight blue hair with a green and teal tip, and wears bright yellow trousers.

However, through his interactions with Branch, he was somewhat condescending for the grey troll's pessimistic attitude and encouraged him to be a more positive person, implying his state of serenity made him arrogant to those who didn't share this mindset.

Creek was later shown to have somehow survived being eaten by the hill monster and returns to Troll Village to be welcomed back after apologising and that he has strong fears especially when the lives of his friends are in danger.

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