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That tells me it's a learned behavior due to constant rejection in America whereas in Africa they are not competing with white chicks, latinas, etc.This forum is for discussions on various topics and interests.For any suggestion on creating new categories, you may email us.Being an K-pop idol isn’t easy, there are several things that they need to look after to, such as appearances, actions, and even their daily life, including dating.YG is known for its very strict rules of dating, which also applies to idols who are still trainees.Black Pink’s Jisoo and Rose opened up about their dating life and the dating rules in YG Entertainment when they appeared in MBC Radio Star on the January 11th episode.I don't care one way or the preach it, don't do one thing then another to other people.No homo, no fomo, no black mo, no white mo, no anything just truth Exactly.

If we are going to talk about language and the use of it, I've seen white girls try to act/ signal virtue accents then around other people totally different..

This is why it is very hard for trainees to meet up with boys or even date.

But don’t you worry, it doesn’t mean that they can’t make friends. Black Pink members mentioned that actually, Yang Hyun Suk (the Chief Executive Officer and founder of YG Entertainment) is just like a dad to them.

Having been in several long term relationships, I can tell you that the one consistent relationship-killer is an argumentative personality type.

Society likes to blame the black men, but there is definitely two sides to that story. This white sloot I was dating only for 3 months went full postal and wanted to stab me because she saw texts of me and a female classmate about a group project. My wife is African black but she's very chill and doesn't get loud unless i lose my mind first which i rarely do.

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