Bind updating serial number

For example - a website moves to a new server; or, you add a new URL to your server.It takes 12-24 hours for the new DNS changes to take effect.It is low enough for changes to take effect quickly, but not so low that the DNS servers get overloaded. While technically there is no maximum DNS TTL setting, values over 7 days will silently be rounded down to 7 days.Recommendation: For most users, a maximum DNS TTL setting of 86400 (24 hours) is a good choice.On Windows, you can use the This will return the authoritative name server’s info for that domain, including the default TTL in both seconds and hours.In this case, the website’s TTL is set to 3600 seconds (1 hour).

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The TTL setting tells the Internet how long to wait before returning to check your DNS record for potential new information.When your work is done, be sure to go back and return your TTL settings to their original values.DNS caching is an important way to reduce load on the servers, and it is best to keep this traffic low.It will partly depend on how long the lease is on the IP address.The more often the IP address changes, the lower the TTL you should use.

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