Becki newton dating

In the middle of all the drama that went down with the show — the cutback on the order of episodes, the mid-season bump — you signed on for a CBS pilot.

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But happily, my pregnancy opened up the character of Annie.

— a procession of loosely connected stories, anchored by a few core characters — that was supposed to be NBC’s big new show of last year.

But it got delayed, management changed, Newton shot a pilot for CBS that didn’t get picked up, and now Annie was supposed to be a virgin. It would have become all about who she’s going to lose her virginity to, and then when that happens, it would be over.

She thought it wasn’t a big deal to be her sister’s surrogate, but it gave her a purpose.

And although she didn’t think she would, she now loves this baby. That’s what’s unique about this series: The arcs are short enough and the scenes are long enough that nothing is ever left unresolved.

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