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The divorce was hard on Alan, He lost almost all of his possessions and got stuck with paying her ,875 monthly alimony. Alan used to be married to Judith , who is the mother of their son Jake, then Judith divorced Alan.In the divorce, Kandi received Alan's condo which they bought with the casino winnings they earned right after their impromptu Las Vegas wedding.

She's known for being so incredibly stupid that she makes Jake look like an intellectual—along with a lot of the other bimbos Charlie beds.

Her mother said she inherited that stupidity from her "moron" father.

She tends to date only older men as she may have some father issues.

Although he is genuinely Walden's best friend, caring deeply for him (sometimes to the point of implied homosexuality), Alan has an ulterior motive: keep Walden in the house and paying for it so he doesn't end up homeless or having to live with Evelyn.

He intends on spending the rest of his life living with Walden, Because at this point he's completely given into his sniveling and toss away any dignity in order to stay at the house.

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