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Carlyle was to have a very high opinion of the Louis young person, and this confidence was justified by its assumption of responsibility of the business, its enthusiasm and its inexhaustible energy.Louis realizes quickly, like others, great potential of the Heather, from which the interest comes to be recognized.Louis Blumfeld develops from the very start of important international trade, with a particular success in Canada, in Australia, in Zealand News, India and in the extrème Is Europe, in Switzerland and, with a special mention, in Denmark.If the USA were never an extraordinary market, a branch is opened all the same in New York.The Twenties were not easy for the manufacturers of pipes, and A Frankau & Co are integrated by "A. Plumb and Loewe & Co pass under the control of Oppenheimer, which pushes the company to create "Cadogan Investments Ltd.2" in Cadogan Square, London, in the Thirties, to manufacture and sell its pipes.

Richard Esserman thinks that Dunhill sub-contracted with BBB the manufacture of the heads for its Bent Magnums until 1923.The initials once stood for Blumfeld’s Best Briars after Louis Blumfeld, who took over the management of the Adolph Frankau Company in 1856.After his death, the BBB gradually became known as Britain’s Best Briars.The water-bottles used are originating in South Africa and are fruits which can be used as pipe (called also gourd, in this case) usable for the pipes.That became difficult to be supplied out of water-bottles considering the growing request and the constant attention which it is necessary to carry to the culture.

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