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Stella and Joe have been best friends since they were young, though their relationship has always been a platonic one until recently.

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However, when in "Double Date" Stella and Van Dyke go out on another date, Joe brings Macy along in order to ruin it.

Joseph Adam "Joe" Lucas is one of the main protagonists of series and is one of the members of the band, JONAS.

Joe may be hinted to have an innocent crush on Stella Malone (he admitted that he put the pudding in her purse and earlier he told her that guys do mean things to girls they like), although he teases her.

In Season Two, Joe is more focused on his acting career, auditioning for a part in a movie opposite Vanessa Page, and getting it and he is a cutie.

Stella is very close to Joe, Nick, and Kevin and also has feelings for Joe. Also at the end, they kiss again, hinting to Nick and Kevin that they are a couple.

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