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It is in Japanese but there are many marks and some have western dates associated with them.Here are links for a few of the kilns: It is all in Japanese but it is worth looking at the pictures.

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While visiting the Kyushu Ceramics Museum in Arita, Saga Prefecture I enjoyed my trip to the restroom there, and you can see why. Old Fukagawa is a term used for Fukagawa wares made from the beginning of the company so that would include the late 1800's through the first decade or two of the 20th century.The sometsuke (blue and white) is most common but there are Karako designs in other colors as well, red being perhaps the second most common.This is a great book for identifying Fukagawa, Koransha and Seiji Kaisha during the Meiji period and into the first part of Taisho.The secrets are passed down from parent to one child of the family.Imaemon XIII was designated as a Living National Treasure.

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