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A federal constitutional amendment is not required to effect this change, as Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution provides states the plenary power to award electoral votes in any manner they choose.

Currently, like 47 other states, New York uses the winner-take-all method in which the winner of the popular vote in New York State receives all of its electors. The National Popular Vote legislation adheres to the basic principles of fairness in elections.

The current system artificially divides the country into red, blue, and swing states.

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The compact currently contains 165 of the necessary 270 electoral votes (61 percent). Moya, Bob Oaks, Sean Ryan, William Scarborough, Michael Simanowitz, Frank K. The National Popular Vote bill in the Assembly is sponsored by Jeffrey Dinowitz, Fred W. Republicans endorsed by the Conservative Party favored the bill 17–7. The bill passed the New York Senate in 2010 when the chamber was controlled by Democrats and has now passed with the chamber controlled by Republicans. Griffo introduced the National Popular Vote bill (S4208) in the New York Senate. O'Donnell, Amy Paulin, Barbara Lifton, Karim Camara, Annette Robinson, Michele R. Mc Eneny, Michelle Schimel, Hakeem Jeffries, Vanessa L. Weprin, Eric Stevenson, Mike Miller, Robert Rodriguez, George Latimer, Guillermo Linares, Philip Boyle, Daniel J.

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