Advice on dating a person with a disability dating trouble

Whether it’s because you’re busy, unsatisfied with dating, or even someone with a disability, dating and finding the right person can be challenging.However, dating somebody with a disability is a topic that is often overlooked.A person with a healthy view on relationships is not going to stop you from doing something just because they physically can’t.

A while ago, I had been in a relationship with someone who said they were all for advocating for the rights of disabled people, happy to show off our relationship, and willing to learn about my spina bifida, but then turned around and said “the way you talk about your disability and personify it as your whole being is unattractive.” Well, I hate to break it to anyone that has this mindset, but we live with a disability!

Whether it’s hiking, a concert, a movie, or even something like driving over to come visit you, many people with disabilities are more than happy to let you know if we cannot do something, if we are tired of walking and worn out halfway through the date or just need a five minute break from walking around the mall.

We would want you to tell us if you were unable to do something, or felt unsafe doing something.

This includes holding both parties accountable for our actions, allowing us to live normal lives, like going to work, cooking dinner, taking the dog for walks, etc.

We do not expect you to treat us any differently than someone else when it comes to being held accountable in relationships, expecting the best from us, and always pushing for the best for the relationship.

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