Access form table updating

The Customer table and Order table are already created for you, so you can focus on creating the subform.NOTE: You must have Microsoft Access installed to use the sample files. For this example, we’ll use an Order table containing order data and a Customer table that contains customer data.You must establish the relationship between the two tables.

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Every now and then, we all face a problem where we are unable to edit our data using the Access Queries.

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For this setup to work: a) Share the relevant view to your targeted audience.

d) Once the update is submitted, your Awesome Table view will reflect the changes made. But once everything’s configured, existing rows of data and newly submitted form entries will automatically have form-edit link buttons that are accessible from your view.

The entire procedure involves several parts (Google Apps) with interdependencies. First, we need to activate a setting in Google Forms that is crucial in the workflow’s functionality.

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