A serial shaggers guide to internet dating my 1001 lovers

Now the man with substantial media attention and with more notches on his bedpost than Casanova reveals his secrets in this easy to follow guide of how rumpy-pumpy via online dating agencies is so easy and unveils his methods of getting his end away by clicking away on the Internet.

After being dumped by one of the UKs largest Internet dating services, Dating Direct.com, for bedding too many women he says: Theres lots of dating sites on the Internet Im going to carry on until Im 90. Tired of watching guys effortlessly pick up the hot-looking women, while you hopelessly plug drink after drink into a girl, only to see her leave with somebody else? Well, with these exclusive secrets, you can be the one with the women! And the BEST PART is, you don't have to change your life-style!

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