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It may be no great surprise that the novel is fundamentally undiplomatic; few readers would seem likely to come to the conclusion that the author would or should subsequently become UK foreign secretary.

If Johnson ever attends a G20 world-leaders’ summit, he will have to hope that the president of France has not been briefed about the perfidious, duplicitous, imperially arrogant role played by the French in Johnson’s novel, which makes his more recent reported description of the nation’s politicians as “turds” look kindly.

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This is because Johnson, at the time of writing, was advocating, as a journalist, the prosecution for war crimes in Iraq of Tony Blair and George W Bush, who is clearly the president in the novel, although never named, perhaps because the publishers worried about the tastefulness of depicting a serving leader as a victim of terrorist violence.However, Johnson’s fictional style is so undisciplined – moving in and out of viewpoints, into which a boomingly familiar authorial voice often intrudes for several pages – that it is impossible to separate him from all, or even many, of the ideologically provocative comments.The novel’s attitude to women is so sexist that, if Johnson fails to gain the premiership, he could be a good bet to screen-write the recently announced new string of Carry On movies.A hostage thriller in which an ambulance plays the role of the wooden horse the Greeks built to fool the Trojans, Seventy-Two Virgins is structurally audacious.Its 336 pages cover just three and a half hours in Westminster, during which a terrorist group of suicide bombers, whom the narrative voice calls “Islamofascists”, targets the visiting US president, as he gives a speech in Westminster Hall.

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