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The VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and earlier versions of VMware v Sphere components, including ESXi, VMware v Center Server, the v Sphere Web Client, and optional VMware products.Check the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix also for information about supported management and backup agents before you install ESXi or v Center Server.The v Sphere Update Manager, v Sphere Web Client and v Sphere Client are packaged with v Center Server.To view a list of processors, storage devices, SAN arrays, and I/O devices that are compatible with v Sphere 6.5, use the ESXi 6.5 information in the VMware Compatibility Guide.For information about what's new in the latest version and how to upgrade, see the following article: Before saving the package, you have the option to either make changes to the configuration associated with this installation package, or to select a pre-configured ESET Configuration File (.xml) that you would like to apply to this installation package: To check the status of your push installation task, click the Installation History tab, then double-click the entry that represents your current task.In the Properties window, the status of your push installation will be visible next to State.Also keep in mind you cannot change the field id (key) therefore first set the Id to the some as you edit.

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This article applies to version 5.x and earlier ESET business products.

To use such virtual machines on ESXi 6.5, upgrade the virtual machine compatibility.

See the documentation for guidance about installing and configuring ESXi and v Center Server.

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