14 19 year old dating are mya and usher dating

AN American You Tuber has been forced to address her relationship with a 13-year-old boy after facing backlash online.

18-year-old beauty vlogger Ariadna Juarez enlisted the help of her underage boyfriend's mother to try and convince her 60,000 subscribers that his "maturity is not determined by age." The controversial relationship first faced criticism from Ariadna's fans earlier this summer after they spotted the minor lying shirtless on her bed in an Instagram post.

There have been married couple out there that are 6, 8, even 10 years difference.Wait...they dating via video chat or are they actually having a real face-to-face relationship. Either way, age of consent in any state (or any country for you looney Brits and Kanedaaaaaaa-ians) says 'you're in jail pal'. Ariadna concluded the bizaare 11-minute video by claiming her viewers "really know nothing because you have never been through it".As a result of the controversy, Ariadna has since made her Instagram account private and also disabled the comments for the - video which has been viewed over 146,000 times.

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