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Despite our conservative test design, we find that over 74 percent of the organizations in our sample fail to properly report telemarketing expenses.

Twenty-seven percent of firm-years contain misreported revenues.

Smaller nonprofits, less monitored firms, and those with less accounting sophistication are more likely to inappropriately report telemarketing costs as a component of net revenues rather than as expenses.

Using a conservative approach that understates the extent to which nonprofit organizations violate the reporting rules, our study indicates that 74 percent of the regulatory filings from nonprofit organizations fail to properly report telemarketing expenses.

Prior research has implicitly or explicitly attributed misreporting to managerial incentives.

Our study is the first to specifically consider accounting sophistication as a factor inmisreporting.

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Our results provide strong evidence that nonprofits misreport telemarketing fees, which affects how program and fundraising ratios are reported.

Our study provides empirical evidence of how frequently fundraising costs are misreported, and examines the methods used and the factors associated with these decisions.

This study directly tests the veracity of nonprofits reporting practices by comparing federally mandated nonprofit financial reports to disclosures of revenues and costs of telemarketing campaigns filed by telemarketing solicitors in certain states.

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